Day 21: How to Build an Essential Makeup Brush Kit

I always talk about makeup but what is equally important are the brushes you buy. But before you go crazy, grab the essentials first!

Foundation Brush

Use a flat-headed brush, such as a stippling brush, to give you a more natural finish with liquid or cream foundations. This brush will buff the makeup into your skin instead of allowing it to sit on your face. You can even use this stippling brush to apply cream blushes.

Furless Must Have Stippling Brush ($16.95)

Concealer Brush

Many people use their fingers to apply concealers but please avoid this. Your fingers hold bacteria so touching areas you want to conceal may lead to more problems later.  Find a concealer brush that is small and flat; a perfect size to conceal areas around the nose, eyes, and mouth. After concealing, you can use the brush to dab the concealer into place.

Afterglow Cosmetics Vegan Concealer Brush ($24.00)

Powder Brush

This brush can be used two different ways. If you prefer powder foundations, either loose or pressed, the large, fluffy brush can pick up a good amount of product and buff into the skin. You choose liquid or cream, this brush can be used to set your makeup.

EcoTools Large Powder Brush ($7.99)

Blush Brush

Soft and angled, a blush brush should have dense, large head. Might to gather an appropriate amount of powder, use short strokes to apply the product to your cheek and swipe towards your ear. A little goes a long way!

Lily Lolo Blush Brush ($14.00)

Eyeshadow Brush

You can easily get caught up buying 10 lid brushes, but the one you should have is the all-over lid brush. Round and compact, this brush is used to apply any loose or pressed eyeshadow.

Everyday Minerals Everyday Eye Shadow Brush ($10.00)

Everyday Eye Shadow Brush

Eyeliner/Brow Brush

This has a double function (great money saver!). You can dip or swipe this small brush in any powder, cream, gel, or other formula to achieve that cat eye you always wanted or to fill in those sparse brows.

Bdellium Pink Bambu 760 Liner/Brow ($8.00)


Lip Brush

Try to find a lip brush that is small and steady. The smaller and steadier the better. You will have better control if the brush has these features. Also find a lip brush that can fit comfortably in your hand. You are bascially an artist!

Sugarpill Cosmetics Lip Brush ($18.00)



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