Day 24: Trash it! When To Throw Out Makeup!

Bacteria is everywhere!Bacteria is everywhere! It is in the air, in our water, on our bodies–but most of the time, bacteria doesn’t cause harm. Actually, most bacteria helps us in some ways. However, there are some bacteria, when built up, can lead to infection. And what is a better home for bacteria than cosmetics? We constantly apply makeup using our fingers or makeup brushes…but even with a thorough cleansing once a week, bacteria still linger in the product.

That is why it is very important to throw away your makeup! Do not hold onto it. I know that palette costed you $50 but your health is more important.

Below is a chart to help you figure out when it is time to throw out your cosmetics.

Trash it!

  • Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner, Gel Eyeliner⇒ 3 months. Because these products are “wet” and applied closely to the eye, it is best to throw out these products after 3 months. Eye infections are a nasty business so replace these products frequently.
  • Cream Eyeshadow, Cream Blush, Foundation, Lip products⇒ 1 year. Most cosmetics you can keep for one year. Usually applied with a clean makeup brush or sponge, the collection of bacteria isn’t as high as the products mentioned above.
  • Pencil Eyeliner, Powders⇒2 years. Some may argue that you should throw your pencil eyeliner after one year, but because the materials used to create these eyeliners are different than a liquid or gel, the throw out time can be extended. Similar  with the powders, the materials are different thus you can hold onto your favorite powder for about 2 years.


Use your senses. If the products looks, smells, & feels different–when in doubt, throw it out! Remember, your health is more important.

I understand throwing away makeup can be expensive. To help–research before purchasing. Look at pictures & reviews–and when in doubt, return it!

To help remember when to throw out your makeup, grab a sharpie and write the date of purchase on the product. A friendly-reminder to know exactly when you should replace it.



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