Day 27: Common Mistakes Black Women Make!

The saying “practice makes perfect” can be (and should be!) said when applying your makeup. Remember, it takes time to master. Even professional makeup artists can make mistakes. However, they live and learn. You should as well! I make mistakes all the time. But I try again and again until I find a method or product that works for ME.

  1. Black Eyebrows
    1. I know most women, particularly Black women, have naturally dark brown to black hair. So why not reach for that black eyebrow pencil? Don’t do it! Black eyebrow pencils are just too harsh looking. Instead, get a pencil that is brown for a more natural-looking eyebrow.
  2. Wrong Color
    1. Wrong color! We all have been there. What Black women struggle with is finding the right foundation shade. Many usually use two shades to blend to create an even skintone. But like I said before, you have to understand your skin. Skintone and undertone must be considered to find the right color. However, this can be expanded to choosing wrong lip color or blush. Usually it is choosing colors that are too light. Again, understand your skintone and undertone to avoid looking washed out or older.
  3. A Little Goes a Long Way
    1. This isn’t a “Black woman” thing but might as well add it here. A little goes a long way. You are naturally beautiful and cosmetics, in my opinion, should be use to bring out your confidence. So heavy, cakey makeup will only make you look older and cover-up the external beauty you have.

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