Day 28: What’s your undertone?

UNDERTONE. UNDERTONE. UNDERTONE. I can’t say this enough but it is so important to know your undertone. Your undertone, unlike your skintone, is a constant “color” behind your skin. With that said, while your skintone is easy to identify, finding your undertone is tricky.

YOUR SKINTONE DOESN’T AUTOMATICALLY MEAN YOU KNOW YOUR UNDERTONE. Just because you are darker, doesn’t mean you are warm!

However, there are five different find your undertone.

*= These tests amy be difficult to perform if you have a deeper skintone.

  1. White Test
    1. Grab a piece of white paper or dress and try to stand in front of a white background. Make sure the surroundings have natural light and you aren’t wearing makeup. Stand in the mirror and examine yourself. If you feel like you have a yellow tint to you, you are warm. If you look pinky, you are cool. If nothing seems to stand out, you are most likely neutral.
  2. Silver or Gold Test
    1. Get a piece of jewelry. If silver, looks amazing on you then you are cool. If gold makes you shine, then you are warm. If nothing happens, you are neutral. Try to wear both gold and silver at the same time to look at the differences.
  3. Skin Sun Reaction*
    1. While this test might not determine your undertone since most darker skin individuals do not burn easily, the rule goes warm undertones tend to tan easily, while cool understones burn very easily. Neutral individuals tan well but can burn if they are exposed to the sunlight too long.
  4. Wrist*
    1. Again this test is hard to find out your undertone. The darker you are, the harder it is to look at the color of your veins. But if you detect the color the rule follows: Green veins=warm; blue veins=cool; both colors=neutral.
  5. Sephora Color IQ
    1. If ALL fails, go to your nearest makeup counter. I love Sephora’s COLOR IQ because it is backup with science. They will placed a little device on your cheek and forehead. 30 seconds later you get a number. That number tells you your skintone and undertone to help you find the proper foundation shade. My summer color is 2Y12. My winter shade is 2Y11.

2 thoughts on “Day 28: What’s your undertone?

  1. I’m going to do this right now. I swear I never know my shade I just know gold tones look great on me. The white test… doing it! Thank you!


    1. You are very welcomed! Let me know what you think. I read different sources that stated darker-toned women shouldn’t do the test while others said it was ok…I never personally did the test but I did the Sephora IQ test.


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