Day 30: Fall & Winter Fragrances for Men

Someone once said, “fragrance speaks the loudest on a subliminal level.” Make a subtle statement on the holidays with these powerful fragrances.

Men Fragrance Winter 2015

1. Herban Cowboy Natural Grooming Cologne Dusk ($28.99)

This natural, 100% vegan cologne utilizes natural scents from lavender flower oil, bergamot fruit oil, lemon peel oil, lime oil, clary sage oil and ylang flower oil.

2. Jack Black in Silver Mark™ Eau de Parfum ($25-$72)

Indulge in modern spice. Peppery notes of Geranium, a dash of Pimento and a splash of Ceylon Cardamom and a Wild Cypress.

3. L’ Aromatica Perfume in Dapper ($30-$60)

A wearable red rose fragrance for fancy men with Red Rose Absolute, Polished Wood, Pastis (Anise), Clovebud, Vanilla and Moss.

4. Portland General Store in Whiskey ($98)

Bring out that inner Brando with this elegant and charismatic fragrance, updated from a classic 1920s recipe. Power and masculinity are obvious in the deep wood and amber, and an unexpected hint of spice and floral complexity reveals itself over the hours. – PGS bestseller.

5. Le Labo in Vetiver 46 ($70-$240)

The Rolls Royce of Vetivers, nurtured in Haiti and retired to Grasse in accord with local know-how, is the pillar of this perfume that, without a doubt, is the most masculine of all Le Labo creations! Among the 46 essences that make it up, all have the distinctive “male” scent: pepper, garlic, labdanum, cedar¦ Each expresses strength of character in its own way, and the delicate accompaniment of olibanum, a mysterious incense, leaves an intriguing spiritual dimension in its wake.


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