A Guide to Buy Ethical (Vegan + Cruelty-free) Makeup

First post of 2016!

Change can be difficult; but sometimes this change can be for the best! When it comes to the new year, it is a fresh start to improve yourself. Maybe this year, you want to replace your makeup with more humane options. While this task can sound daunting, I have a few steps to help you on the road to ethical beauty.

Makeup Companies That Test on Animals



Makeup Companies that DO NOT test on Animals


  1. Check your current bag!
    • You would be surprised with how many companies DO NOT test on animals and/or are vegan–so don’t go throwing away everything immediately! Go through each product and do a simple search on PETA’s website  to find which companies do or do not test on animals. If you do not see the company (which can happen),  check their Frequently Asked Questions section or email a representative to find your answer.
  2. Throw away slowly
    • I say slowly because I understand it might (and will) be challenging to toss your makeup. Technically, you are discarding hard-earned money in the trash. So if you have a favorite palette or skincare product you can’t part with just yet, use it until it is empty (or whenever you feel comfortable) and replace it with a vegan or cruelty-free product on your next purchase.
  3. Research
    • Research. Research. Research! I cannot stress this enough. Everyone is different. While one product may work for me, the same thing may not work for you. I did create this blog to guide people but I am not a certified dermatologist or expert skin guru; I am an animal-lover trying to find ethical beauty options for Women and Men of Color. So please, if you see a product you want to try, understand your needs, read the ingredients, and read reviews. Thank goodness for the internet, right?
  4. Buy
    • Whenever you are ready to buy your product, I do suggest checking the return policy of the store (whether online or in-store). You may need to test the product before–so if anything doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it without feeling as if you wasted money (maybe time but money in your pocket is better!).

Good luck and Happy 2016!


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