Urban Decay will Release a NEW Matte Eyeshadow Palette

FINALLY! Urban Decay has stated on their Instagram that they are releasing a NEW palette to their line: the Naked Ultimate Basics. This new palette will feature 12 neutral matte shades for any day or night look. Personally, I am super excited for this palette. I work in a more conservative setting so bright and shimmery eyeshadows are a no-go. Thus, most of my eyeshadow palettes now are matte, so adding one more shouldn’t hurt! 🙂

ad3dfe8ca1068ffa_Urban_Decay_NAKED_Ultimate_Basics_Palette_-_Open_and_Closed.jpg (2048Ă—2048)

  • Blow- Light nude demi-matte
  • Nudie- Soft pink-nude matte
  • Commando- Light taupe-brown matte
  • Tempted- Pale brown matte
  • Instinct- Medium pink-taupe matte
  • Lethal- Reddish brown matte
  • Pre-game- Pale yellow matte
  • Extra Bitter- Burnt orange matte
  • Faith- Medium warm brown matte
  • Lockout- Rich neutral brown matte
  • Magnet- Smoky gray matte
  • Blackjack- Warm black matte

This new palette will be release September 18th. Retail Price: $55! You can find this new palette on their website: Urban Decay. So make sure your browsers are ready because I have a feeling this palette will be sold out in 1 second!