5 Cruelty-Free & Vegan Dupes for Top Perfumes

Perfumes are, in my opinion, underappreciated.  I believe every woman should have a selection of fragrances to express herself whenever and wherever. But with that said, many commercial perfumes have strange chemicals floating in their bottles. Why spray yourself with faux scents when you can get the real thing with natural fragrances?

So I took some of the most popular perfumes out there and found their natural match. Of course, these matches are not 100% but they are 100% better for you. 

Happy shopping!



  1. If you love Chanel N°5 ⇒ Try Strange Invisible in L’INVISIBLE ($105)
  2. If you love Stella McCartney ⇒ Try Tsi La in Fiori D’Arancio ($128) *
  3. If you love Chloé ⇒ Try The 7 Virtues in Noble Rose of Afghanistan ($70-$110) *
  4. If you love Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb ⇒ Try Sweet Anthem in Caroline ($56) *
  5. If you love Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue ⇒ Try Olivine Atelier in Bluebird ($80) *

Why I don’t use the word “Beat”

As a Black woman that loves beauty products, I have seen all kinds of words come and go to describe flawless hair and makeup. “On Fleek”, “Laid”, “On point”…the list can go on and on! However, there is one word I hesitate to use. The word: beat.

Now, I am not going to get into the history of how “beat” became a thing, but I am going to get into why that word leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Recently, I attended and participated in an event for domestic violence victims. As part of this event, one woman was going to get a makeover. Once she was revealed, she looked completely different! However, in the excitement of seeing her, many women there shouted, “she beat your face!” Now, I know those women were telling her she looks great and they were SO happy for her, but some of them took a step back and realized what they just stated. That they just used the word “beat” in front of domestic violence victims. They quickly corrected themselves, apologized, and moved on. After the event, we had a lengthy discussion about using “beat”, for it can be a trigger word for some of the women. 

Now, I know everyone has not faced abuse and the word “beat” isn’t a strong word, but with the statistic of Black women experiencing domestic violence is 35% higher than White women, I hesitate using “beat” when I see other Black women with flawless makeup. Not only is domestic violence a serious and underrated issue within the Black community, I also hesitate to use “beat” for much of recent Black history, we have been faced with actions that can only be described as atrocious. Senseless beatings, lynchings, and brutality has been directed towards Black and Brown people, so I refuse to use a negative verb to replace a positive adjective. 

So challenge people not to use “beat”, especially now being Domestic Violence Month. Support women with positive adjectives! If you need help, GOOGLE is a powerful tool!


Skincare for EVERY Age: A Vegan and Cruelty-free Guide to your changing Routine

Some people are born lucky. These people can use the same skincare products from their teenage years all the way until their 70’s and beyond. My mom is one of these lucky people. She has been using the same Clinique products as long as I can remember and still looks amazing.

However, while this works for her, the products I use my teenage years don’t and can’t match my skin now in my 20s. I once had oily, acne-prone skin, now I am leaning more towards combination with occasional breakouts. My once favorite skincare products are just too harsh. But thankfully, with the rise of women and men creating and purchasing skincare products, there are items out there to address all kinds of skin concerns.

Below are just some of the various skincare products available for all ages!   


Skincare Routine 20s (1)

While in your 20s, your hormones should be calming down from your awkward puberty days. However, now what is left are dark spots and an oily, persist T-zone. To help combat these problems look for products that are meant to ease the occasional breakouts and fade those dark spots. 

Skincare Routine 30s (1)

They say, “30s is the new 20s.” But with that said, your skin maybe telling a different story. Dryness will start creeping up on you. Stop dryness by finding hydrating moisturizers and soothing scrubs to buff away dead, dull skin. 

Skincar Routine 40s (2)

Aging is a blessing. But there is no shame in keeping wrinkles and age spots away. In your 40s, your skin is losing collagen, a protein that keeps your skin’s elasticity tight. While this is just part of nature, a healthy diet and a strong skincare routine may slow the process.

Skincare 50s+ (1)

When it comes to aging, it is but a number. Starting a good routine in your 20s, 30s, and 40s, will greatly help your skin when you are in your 50s and beyond. The main concern now is just keeping your skin smooth and fading away wrinkles. Look for products designed for mature skintypes or have BHA/AHA ingredients to regenerate your skin.