Why I don’t use the word “Beat”

As a Black woman that loves beauty products, I have seen all kinds of words come and go to describe flawless hair and makeup. “On Fleek”, “Laid”, “On point”…the list can go on and on! However, there is one word I hesitate to use. The word: beat.

Now, I am not going to get into the history of how “beat” became a thing, but I am going to get into why that word leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Recently, I attended and participated in an event for domestic violence victims. As part of this event, one woman was going to get a makeover. Once she was revealed, she looked completely different! However, in the excitement of seeing her, many women there shouted, “she beat your face!” Now, I know those women were telling her she looks great and they were SO happy for her, but some of them took a step back and realized what they just stated. That they just used the word “beat” in front of domestic violence victims. They quickly corrected themselves, apologized, and moved on. After the event, we had a lengthy discussion about using “beat”, for it can be a trigger word for some of the women. 

Now, I know everyone has not faced abuse and the word “beat” isn’t a strong word, but with the statistic of Black women experiencing domestic violence is 35% higher than White women, I hesitate using “beat” when I see other Black women with flawless makeup. Not only is domestic violence a serious and underrated issue within the Black community, I also hesitate to use “beat” for much of recent Black history, we have been faced with actions that can only be described as atrocious. Senseless beatings, lynchings, and brutality has been directed towards Black and Brown people, so I refuse to use a negative verb to replace a positive adjective. 

So challenge people not to use “beat”, especially now being Domestic Violence Month. Support women with positive adjectives! If you need help, GOOGLE is a powerful tool!



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