10 Vegan Valentine’s Day Fragrances

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone got good rest and find time for themselves for #selfcaresunday. Since I had time to sit down and write, I decided to write about perfumes for Valentine’s day!

HINT: Look for dark florals for a feminine, mysterious scent.

Valentine's Perfume

Budget-Friendly ($30 and under)

  1. Pacifica Spanish Amber Spray Perfume (VEGAN) $22.00

Mid-Range ($30-$60)

  1. Define Me Fragrance Payton Fragrance Oil (VEGAN) $39.00
  2. Pirouette Jasmine Musk Natural Botanical Perfume (VEGAN) $45.00
  3. Tallulah Eau De Perfume (VEGAN) $48.00

Luxury ($60 and up)

  1. A Perfume Organic Perfumed Wine-Rose (VEGAN) $65.00
  2. LURK NST V7 Perfume Oil (VEGAN) $68.00
  3. LUSH Icon (VEGAN) $77.00
  4. Providence Perfume Co. Divine Eau De Parfum (VEGAN) $175
  5. Hi WildFlower Lovers Rock Extrait de Parfum (VEGAN) $180
  6. Le Labo Fragrances LYS 41 Eau de Parfum (VEGAN) $180

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