S/S 2018 Makeup Trends (Vegan + Cruelty-free Guide)

Happy first day of Spring everyone!

Because it is the official first day of Spring, let’s throw away (or at least put away) our Fall & Winter makeup and get ready for the bright and warm weather.

I was inspired by the Harper Baazar article regarding Spring makeup trends for this year. Of course, I did a twist on this article and included vegan & cruelty-free options for the ethical makeup guru.

Spring 2018 Makeup Trends.jpg

  1. Yellow-Gold Highlighters
  2. Clumpy Mascara
    • I was shocked to see this on the list because I thought clumpy mascara was a big no-no. However, clumpy mascara is coming back. To get the look use Urban Decay’s Troublemarker mascara ($24). Remember to allow the first layer to dry before applying more to get a bolder look. (Vegan)
  3. Orange-y Blush
    • Now the article states peachy blushes are in, however, orange blushes look best on darker skin tones. Red Apple Lipstick’s Good Vibes Blush ($25) is the perfect blush for just that. Also, this blush was designed just for us! (Vegan)
  4. Pink Eyeshadow
  5. Teal Eyeliner
  6. Nude Lip Stains
    • One thing most people look forward to in Spring is wearing less makeup. However, you don’t have to be bare faced if you don’t want to, especially when it comes to lip products. Lip stains are a great way to pull off any color you want without constantly reapplying it. Nude lips are also in for Spring. Au Naturale’s su/Stain Matte Lip Stain in Mousse ($25) is the best of both worlds. (Vegan)

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