Vegan Mani & Pedi Combinations to try this S/S 2018

Happy Sunday!

Spring is here! This means your toes will be happy to see the sun and get a nice, well deserved pedicure. But like many people who get their feet done, I always have a hard time figuring out how to mix my toes and nails. 

Well, look no further because I created a helpful guide. No matter your style or preference, you can use this guide when choosing your colors during your next medi-pedi appointment. 

Mani Pedi Combo

  1. Metallic. Keep it classic with silver and gold. Try it with Priti NYC in Old Man Cactus ($15) and Palate Polish in Prosecco ($10).
  2. Neon. The brighter-the better! Manic Panic Claw Colors in Electric Lava ($8) is a bright orange, while Ella+ Mila Samba nail polish in Sunburst ($10.50) is a perfect, bright yellow to match the sunshine. 
  3. Monochromatic. Mono- (Greek for “single, alone”) + -chromatic (Greek for “relation to color”). The goal is to find colors that are similiar, but not the same! Lauren B. Beauty nail polish in PCH ($18.00) is the cobalt blue with a purple undertone. To balance the darker blue, try a lighter blue with LaPierre nail polish in Kat Got Ya Tongue ($15)
  4. Pastels. Soft and muted colors look amazing on all skintones. Ginger + Liz Playing Innocent ($12) is described as an office-friendly pastel yellow, while Jin Soon Ube Nail Polish ($18) is a flattering lavender that is perfect for all skintones. 
  5. Complementary.  If you paid attention in art class, you will remember the complementary colors (Red-Green; Blue-Orange; Purple-Yellow). These colors are naturally go together. Try this trend with Pacifica Nail Polish in Crimson Kimono ($9) and Côte Nail Polish in No.62 ($18.00), to balance each other. 
  6. Ivory & Ebony. My spin on the the traditional white and black combination, these are colors that off-white and almost black. Adrianne K’s in Angelica ($13) is an sheer, off-white color and Soulstice Nail Polish in Kiev ($12) is a deep garnet hue. 

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