10 Vegan + Cruelty-free Facial Primers for Dry Skin

Part two of this primer series!

Dry skin needs the total opposite of what matte primers do for the oily skin types; they need hydration. So keywords to look out for are “hydration”, “hydrating”, “dewy”, “luminous”, or “radiant”. All these will help keep your makeup in place without you looking completely flat and dull. 

Dry Skin primers (1)

  1. ELF Cosmetics Hydrating Face Primer $6 (3.6/ 5 Stars)
  2. NYX Cosmetics HydraTouch $14 (4.8/5 Stars)
  3. Plain Jane Beauty Time to Prime Makeup Primer $22 (3.5/5 Stars) BLACK-WOMAN OWNED
  4. Mineral Fusion Hydrating Primer $29 (5/5 Stars)
  5. Kat Von D Lock-It Hydrating Primer $32 (3.7/5 Stars)
  6. Juice Beauty PHYTO-PIGMENTS Illuminating Primer $36 (5/5 Stars)
  7. Sappho New Paradigm Primer for Dry Skin $36 (Not Rated)
  9. Vapour Beauty STRATUS LUMINOUS SKIN PERFECTING PRIMER $48 (5/5 Stars) Shade #903 is designed for medium, tan, and deeper skintones 
  10. Inika Organic Hydrating Makeup Primer $49 (5/5 Stars)

10 Vegan + Cruelty-Free Matte Facial Primers

Today’s article is all about the matte primers! No matter your budget, there is a matte primer out there for you. Personally,  if the word “matte” is not on the product or in the description, I usually pass on more “luminous” or “radiant” primers because I am a oily messy as it is. Of course, it was wise to make sure your skincare routine helps with your oil production.  

I also have include the ratings for each product. 

Happy Shopping!

Matte Primers

  1. Wet N Wild Photo Focus Matte Face Primer – Partners in Prime $5 (4.2/5 Stars) 
  4. NYX Cosmetics Shine Killer Primer $14 (3.4/5 Stars)
  5. B.L.A.C Minerals Cosmetics PRIME-PREFIX FACE PRIMER $25 (5/5 Stars)  *BLACK-WOMAN OWNED 
  6. Mineral Fusion Mattifying Primer $29 (5/5 Stars)
  7. Fenty Beauty PRO FILT’R Instant Retouch Primer $32 (4.6/5 Stars) *BLACK-WOMAN FOUNDED
  9. Alima Pure Smooth + Prime Primer $46 (4.5/5 Stars) 
  10. 100% Pure Mattifying Primer $48 (4.6/5 Stars) 

Vegan + Cruelty-free Spot Treatments Review #1

It’s been a minute since my last review, but I have all my posts ready for future reviews. 

Today, it’s all about the spot treatments. Even though the amount of breakouts on my face has decreased due to using serums, I still need spot treatments to help heal and shrink ones that refuse to go away.

Below are all of my empties 🙂 

  1. Derma E Very Clear Acne Spot Treatment ($11.50/$23 per ounce) is an amazing product. Mixed with “anti-Blemish Complex of natural ingredients Tea Tree, Willow Bark, Rosewood, Lavender and Chamomile”, this product does exactly what it is meant to do. My pimples seriously disappeared the next day! Buy this now! A little goes a long way! The product dries clear and has a slight scent but nothing too crazy. (Vegan)
  2. Argan Republic Remedy Double Action Blemish Spot Treatment ($40) is a pretty good spot treatment. I love the fact it is lightweight and has a pleasant scent, however, I do not personally like it because it was oily and I felt like it didn’t help shrink my pimples. I believe this spot treatment can be useful if you have drier skin with occasional breakouts. It is important to note that this spot treatment should be used at night as some of the ingredients are photo-toxic. 
  3. My Chelle Clear Skin Spot Treatment ($15/ $30 per ounce) this is my #2 favorite spot treatment. It is creamy and smells amazing. It is my #2 because it is expensive but I love it. My pimples dried up and were gone within a few days. I love this spot treatment too because I felt it helped lighten my dark spots in the progress. (Vegetarian) 

8 Vegan+ Cruelty-free highlighters for WOC S/S 2018 Edition

Happy Pie Day everyone! Hope everyone ate enough pie to last a lifetime. But moving away from pie, let’s talk about highlighters. I am so obsessed with highlighters. I am always jealous of people with huge highlighter collections. I personally only have two but I am definitely going to add more in the near future. 

With that said, not all highlighters are created equal. Depending on your skin tone and skin type, finding the perfect highlighters has to be determined by these two things. 

When looking for highlighters, choose highlighters with a peach or coral tint for tan skin tones. For those with darker and deeper tones, find shades with a golden hue. To make it easier, I also find highlighters in different formulas. If you are on the drier side, look for cream or liquid highlighters. For those with more oily or combination skin, look for powders to balance the shine. 

From right to left: cream, pressed powder, loose powder, liquid 

highlighters 2018 (1)

Gold Tones

  1. Ilia Beauty Illuminator in Cosmic Dancer $34
  2. Lily Lolo Illuminator in Bronzed $26
  3. Au Naturale Pure Powder Highlighter in Halcyon $25
  4. Wet N Wild Beauty MegaGlo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter in Goddess Glow $6

Peach Tones

  1. Jane Iredale Cream Highlighter Stick in Comfort $30
  2. 100% Pure Gemmed Luminzer in Rose Gold in $37
  3. Alima Pure Mineral Highlighter in $24
  4. Gabriel Cosmetics Liquid Radiance in Rose Gold $12.50

4 Vegan Setting Sprays for every Skintype!

Anyone with oily or combination skin knows the struggle is real when it comes to keeping makeup in its place. By hour 4, it is transferring and the oil is peeking through the layers! Not a good look at all. However, the invention of setting sprays have made the lives of all skintypes better! So no matter your skintype there is a setting spray out there to help keep makeup in its place. 

Below are 4 setting sprays designed for each major skintypes! Remember to ALWAYS do your research and check online for “skintype tests” to find the best match for you. 

Vegan Setting Sprays

  1. Plain Jane Beauty Coconut Water Setting Mist is described as a fragrance-free setting spray to help keep moisture in and help give life back to mature and/or damaged skin. This mist is listed as giving the wearer a “soft-focus” finish–great if you want to look hydrated but not greasy! ($25)
  2. OSEA Sea Minerals Mist is a three-in-one product. This mist be used as a facial toner, a midday booster, and/or a makeup setting spray. With a simple ingredient list, I believe this product would be great for anyone who has redness but also has dry patches they wish to moisturize.  ($38)
  3. Lily Lolo Makeup Mist has antioxidants to help anyone looking to turn back the clock without breaking the bank. This setting spray is listed as being hydrating and soothing. ($18) 
  4. Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Spray SPF 50 knocks it out the park when it comes to hitting all the requirements makeup wearers look for. This spray has SPF, keeps shine away, and holds makeup in its place without feeling heavy. What else can anyone ask for? ($28) 

If you want to check out more setting sprays, click here for my TOP 5 Vegan & Cruelty-free Setting Sprays. 

6 Vegan & Cruelty-free Valentine’s Day Ready Blushes for WOC

Valentine’s Day is one month away! Get ready for your date or ladie’s night by grabbing a red blush for a natural flush look. 

A helpful hint: find reds that are leaning more towards a deeper, berry color or true reds instead of a pinky reds. 

Valentine Day Blush (2)

  1. Make Beauty Matte Finish Powder Blush in “Cinnabar”: An intense crimson with a red undertone ($25)
  2. RMS Beauty LIP2CHEEK in “Beloved”: A true red with just a hint of poppy to suit all skin tones ($36) 
  3. Seraphine Botanicals Vegan Berry Tint – 44.8% Natural Liquid Blush for Lips & Cheeks: A berry red ($18)
  4. ILIA Multi-Stick in “Cheek to Cheek”: A warm red ($34) 
  5. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint in “Cranberry Glow”: A true red ($26)
  6. Real Purity Powder Blush in “Indian Dust”: A medium red with gold and yellow undertones ($15) 

20 Best Vegan + Cruelty-free Foundations for Women of Color

Being a Women of Color, I have experienced a lot of heartache when choosing foundations. My foundations are either too light, too dark, too ashy, too SOMETHING. But my biggest problem is finding companies that carry my shade at all. Even though it is 2017, there are still companies that do not carry a diversity of shades or tones. To make matters worse, many vegan and cruelty-free lines do not even bother to add deeper colors, leaving Women and Men of Color little to no choice but to use foundations created funky chemicals. 

But does that mean there aren’t ANY companies making shades for Women and Men of Color? OF COURSE THEY ARE!

Below are 20 companies I have researched or used that I believe have a lovely selection of shades to fit anyone and everyone.  

Happy Shopping!


Foundations for Dark Skin Part 1 (1)

Foundation for Dark Skin Part 2

Foundations for Dark Skin Part 3

Foundation for Dark Skin Part 4

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10 Vegan+Cruelty-free Bronzers for Brown & Black Ladies

Bronzers are an amazing product. You can use them as a blush, a contouring powder, a highlighter, or even as eyeshadow. However, some bronzers on the market are not designed for Women (and Men) of Color. These bronzers tend to be too light causing an ashy appearance on darker skintones. 

These bronzers listed below are for darker-skinned beauties looking for a fresh look this Spring and Summer. 



  1. Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Bronzer SPF 15 in Bikini Contest ($4)
  2. Colourpop Bronzer Bronze Me ($8) *
  3. Milani Baked Bronzer in Dolce ($9)
  4. Shea Moisture Illuminating Mineral Bronzer ($15)
  5. W3LL People Bio Bronzer ($22)
  6. Lily Lolo Bronzer in Honolulu ($26) *
  7. Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed ($28) *
  8. TARTE Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer in Hotel Heiress ($30) *
  9. Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer ($30) *
  10. 100% Pure Cocoa Pigment Bronzer Cocoa Glow ($35) *

8 Cruelty-free + Vegan Highlighters for Darker Ladies (and Gentlemen!)

Since Fall is around the corner, ditch the bronzer and whip out the highlighters for a sparkly change. Just remember! Gold and bronzy highlighters look best on darker skintones but you are more than welcome to try all shades~HAPPY SHOPPING!


Highlighters (2)

  1. Dose of Color Baked Highlighter in Sunkissed $28.00 (Powder)
  2. COVER FX Enhance Click in Rose Gold $18.00 (Cream) *
  3. Milani Illuiminating Face Powder in Hermosa Rose $9.99 (Powder) *
  4. NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick in Topaz Tan $8.00 (Cream)
  5. 100% Pure All Over Glow in Deeply Sunkissed $35.00 (Liquid) *
  6. Colourpop Highlighter in Candyman $8.00 (Powder) *
  7. COVER FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Candlelight $42.00 (Liquid) *
  8. Plain Jane Beauty Bronze it! Mosaic in Coppers & Robbers $16.50 (Powder)

Top 5 Vegan & Cruelty-free Setting Sprays

You are all done with applying your makeup. Everything is looking great, but you want to keep it that way as long as possible. A great way to keep your makeup in its place is grab your handy-dandy setting spray! Each spray is slightly different from each other but most will soften your complexion, hydrate your skin, or mattify oily skin.

Setting Spray (2)

With a great primer and setting spray, you are all set to go!


  1. Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray $30 Vegan. All Skin Types.
  2. Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF30 $36 Cruelty-free. All Skin Types.
  3. Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 $28 Cruelty-free. All Skin Types.
  4. Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus™ Setting Spray $4.99 Cruelty-free. All Skin Types.
  5. Jane Iredale Pommisst HYDRATION SPRAY $29.00 Vegan. All Skin Types.