5 Work-Safe (and VEGAN!) Cologne for Men

It has been a while since I’ve posted, but I figured now that I am writing again to dedicate this post to men (and all thanks to my boyfriend who suggested this post!).

When it comes to fragrances, it is always best to choose scents that subtle for the workplace. These scents should have a balance of citrus and musks that deliver an aura of power. Below are 5 vegan scents for men that are work-friendly.

Happy shopping!

Vegan Perfume (2)

  1. Harvey Prince BIG Eau De Parfum ($28-$57)
  2. Jack Black JB Eau De Parfum ($72)
  3. One Seed Solitude Organic Eau de Cologne ($65)
  4. Earth’s Purities Pure for Him Eau de Cologone No.1 ($25)
  5. Vanessa Megan Citrus & Spice Natural Cologne ($35)




Day 30: Fall & Winter Fragrances for Men

Someone once said, “fragrance speaks the loudest on a subliminal level.” Make a subtle statement on the holidays with these powerful fragrances.

Men Fragrance Winter 2015

1. Herban Cowboy Natural Grooming Cologne Dusk ($28.99)

This natural, 100% vegan cologne utilizes natural scents from lavender flower oil, bergamot fruit oil, lemon peel oil, lime oil, clary sage oil and ylang flower oil.

2. Jack Black in Silver Mark™ Eau de Parfum ($25-$72)

Indulge in modern spice. Peppery notes of Geranium, a dash of Pimento and a splash of Ceylon Cardamom and a Wild Cypress.

3. L’ Aromatica Perfume in Dapper ($30-$60)

A wearable red rose fragrance for fancy men with Red Rose Absolute, Polished Wood, Pastis (Anise), Clovebud, Vanilla and Moss.

4. Portland General Store in Whiskey ($98)

Bring out that inner Brando with this elegant and charismatic fragrance, updated from a classic 1920s recipe. Power and masculinity are obvious in the deep wood and amber, and an unexpected hint of spice and floral complexity reveals itself over the hours. – PGS bestseller.

5. Le Labo in Vetiver 46 ($70-$240)

The Rolls Royce of Vetivers, nurtured in Haiti and retired to Grasse in accord with local know-how, is the pillar of this perfume that, without a doubt, is the most masculine of all Le Labo creations! Among the 46 essences that make it up, all have the distinctive “male” scent: pepper, garlic, labdanum, cedar¦ Each expresses strength of character in its own way, and the delicate accompaniment of olibanum, a mysterious incense, leaves an intriguing spiritual dimension in its wake.

Day 29: Facial Moisturizers for Men

Gentlemen, skincare is not just the ladies or even the “metrosexuals”. All men, from walks of life, should invest in a simple but effective skincare routine. The skin on a man’s face is between 20%-30% thicker than that of a woman’s which means you should find products purposely designed for me. Razor burn and bumps, sensitive skin, and hyperpigmentation can be common issues men of color face, so why not look into correcting or reducing those problems with an amazing facial moisturizers.

Facial Lotions for Men 20151. Seen in both Men’s Health and Men’s Journal magazines, Brickell’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for Men ($35.00) is perfect for all skin types. Quoting to ” only use the highest-grade natural ingredients”; this facial lotion is free of the major nasties! This is also vegan-friendly! 🙂

2. Got sensitive skin? Don’t worry! Most men do. After a good shave, your skin can be exposed to the elements more. Bulldog’s Skincare for Men Sensitive Moisturizer ($13.99) can help with both tender and dry skin.

3. Nothing can compare to Jack Black’s Double-Duty Face Moisturizer ($17.50-$48.00). Winning rewards left and right, it is said to be the best facial lotion for men. This creamy formula is perfect those who have dry skin and need extra hyrdation for all-day protection.

4. If I were a man, I would gladly purchase Every Man Jack’s Face Lotion ($6.00). Not only does it have sun protection, fragrance free for sensitive skin. and contains a few organic ingredients.

Just for MEN: How to Prevent Razor Bumps

Ingrown hair happen to everyone. All races of men and women can experience them. However, men with African heritage can experience a higher risk of ingrowns because the hair shaft is curved, not straight. After a close shave, the hair can grow in a curly pattern into the skin. This can lead to inflamed hair follicles!


To prevent these razor bumps, certain steps are important to keep them at bay! Purchasing a good shaving cream or gel and after shave (post-shave) for your skin type can help heal your skin after a close shave.

mens shaving

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