How to Wear Bold Lipstick Colors

When growing up my mom liked only three colors: black, white, and red. As a little girl, I couldn’t stand it! Nonetheless, as I gotten older I can appreciate my mom’s minimalist point of view, but I can’t help but love color! The world is full of them so why limit yourself with neutrals? 

I find bright, bold colors speaking to me more. So here are some steps to help others find their favorite daring hue. 

Step 1: Be aware of shades. EVERYONE can wear whatever color they want, but not all shades are created equal. Red can be broken down into orange-reds, cool blue-tone reds, muted reds, tomato reds, and etc. There are many different tones and shades out there, so don’t get discouraged when one shade doesn’t work for you!

Step 2: Lipliners are your friend. It keeps these colors from bleeding into the surrounding lip area. If you cannot find the liner in your color, try pencil eyeliners. They work just as well to keep the color strong. 

Step 3: Keep the rest of your makeup plain. You want the attention on your lips; too makeup can look clown-like! So a flawless complexion, simple cat eye, nude blush or bronzer, and highlighter is all you need to feel done-up!

Step 4: The most important step of all: be confident! Yes, people will stare. It’s different and AMAZING! So head your head up and rock your lips!


When trying to find pinks, look for bright ones. The brightness of the pink will look amazing against any skintone that is Bronzy, Brown, or Black. If you need more help about which pinks to find, read my article about which shade works for each skintone and undertone. 

For Example:


I had a friend who was convinced she couldn’t wear red lipstick. I gasped! Everyone can wear red! While finding the perfect red can be challenging–don’t give up! Here is a guide about finding the right red for you! In my opinion, blue-toned reds look great on every skintone and undertone. 

For Example: 


The color orange hands down looks amazing on darker skintones. Peaches and corals are fine but may be too light for deeper tones. So find lipsticks with words such as tangerine or pumpkin as a start. 

For Example:


OH! YELLOW! Ok, I will admit this is not my favorite color but I figured to include it because someone might like it. If you have a warm undertone–try to find a deeper, cooler yellow. If you have a cool undertone, a warm, bright yellow will do you justice. I believe my yellow just matched my undertone too well; causing my complexion to look muddy. I don’t know. I just didn’t like this color. Sad, because I like wearing yellow in my wardrobe. 😦

For Example:


Yes! Green like nature! I am actually surprised how much I like green lipstick. I thought I would like a witch but if the green is deeper in color, I believe it would look more sophisticated than a bright, neon green.  

For Example:


Blue is my favorite color! Actually, I think blues just look better on individuals with darker skintones. With that said, pick blues that are either labeled “royal blue” or “bright blue” that aren’t too light (i.e baby blue). 

For Example:


Whether you are a plum or a true purple gal or guy, purple is a color to wear during the day or night. Find purples that are either bright or deep. I prefer my shades to be a deeper color, like an eggplant!

For Example: