Top 5 Vegan & Cruelty-free Setting Sprays

You are all done with applying your makeup. Everything is looking great, but you want to keep it that way as long as possible. A great way to keep your makeup in its place is grab your handy-dandy setting spray! Each spray is slightly different from each other but most will soften your complexion, hydrate your skin, or mattify oily skin.

Setting Spray (2)

With a great primer and setting spray, you are all set to go!


  1. Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray $30 Vegan. All Skin Types.
  2. Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF30 $36 Cruelty-free. All Skin Types.
  3. Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 $28 Cruelty-free. All Skin Types.
  4. Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus™ Setting Spray $4.99 Cruelty-free. All Skin Types.
  5. Jane Iredale Pommisst HYDRATION SPRAY $29.00 Vegan. All Skin Types.

Day 13: Best Vegan+Cruelty-free Eyeshadow Primers

Eyeshadow primers are, in my option, one of those products many people completely skip (I am very guilty of this time to time). But like a facial primer they are important! Eyeshadow primers are meant to keep your eyeshadow in place and make the color more pronounce. No one wants flaky, creasing shadow…

Below are some of the best eyeshadow primers out in the market. I listed the products from budget-friendly to splurging!

Eyeshadow Primers

  1. Cheeky Cosmetics Organic Eye Shadow Primer $14.00 VEGAN.
  2. EMANI Magic Sealer $14.00 VEGAN.
  3. Gabriel Cosmetics Eye Primer $14.30 VEGAN.Comes in two colors (Neutral: all Skin Tones/ Warm Beige: Medium to Deep Skin/Warm Undertones)
  4. Lily Lolo Prime Focus Eyelid Primer $15.00  VEGAN.Buff shade will neutralise discolouration & give a clean eyelid look so that your eye shadow applies true to colour; Lemon shade will correct any dark areas while giving the perfect base
  5. Jane Iredale Lid Primer $19.50 VEGAN. Comes in three options.
  6. TARTE clean slate™ 360° creaseless 12-hr Smoothing Eye Primer $20.00 CRUELTY-FREE.
  7. TOO FACE Shadow Insurance Primer $20.00
  8. BECCA Eye Priming Perfector ™$24.00 Comes in two colors (Translucent Perfector works well with light to medium skintones, while Tinted pairs with medium to dark)
  9. BLINC Eyeshadow Primer $24.00 VEGAN. Comes in two shades (light tone for light skintones; flesh tone for medium to dark skin tones)
  10. COVER FX Anti-Age Smoothing Eye Primer $24.00 VEGAN.

National Novel Writing Month Day 4: Oil Blotting Paper

I love oil blotting paper! I wear makeup every day–but sadly, I suffer from oily/combination skin. If I did not use oil blotting tissues, I will look like a wet mess!

Thank goodness some of my favorite cruelty-free brands have these miracle-making tissues!

Oil Blotting Paper

  1. NYX Tea Tree Oil Blotting Paper ($6.00/100 sheets) is made from green tea powder and pulp to remove excess oil without distrubing your makeup. NYX has three other tissues to choose from (Green Tea, Matte, and Fresh Face).
  2. Mineral Fusion Shine-Free Blotting Tissues ($7.99/100 sheets) are made from 50% Abaca leaf and 50% soft wood pulp. Abaca leaf is considered a natural fiber that is not only fine so it wouldn’t remove your makeup but also strong so you can remove more oil.
  3. 100% Pure Anti Bacterial Wood Pulp Oil Blotting Paper ($8.00/50 sheets) is made from wood pulp & hemp oil. Hemp oil has been shown to help all kinds of skin issues. Therefore, these tissues are safe for all skin types.
  4. Tatcha PETAL FRESH Original Aburatorigami ($12.00/30 sheets) is made from Abaca leaf and gold flakes. Listed as fragrance-free and powder-free.
  5. Jane Iredale Facial Blotting Paper ($11.00/100 sheets) is interestly made from organic flax seeds, which keeps your skin super soft.

Day 2: Tinted Moisturizers/ BB/ CC/ DD Creams

Day 2 of this challenge! Today, we are going to tackle the tricky business of this ever growing beauty market by looking at the differences between tinted moisturizers, BB, CC, and (now) DD creams!

Tinted Moisturizers

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20


 What is it?

As in the product name, a tinted moisturizer is a cream or lotion that has a skintone matching tint to them. Adding hydration and color all in one simple product!

 Who is it for?

Tinted moisturizers are designed to be more lightweight than a liquid foundation. Though some tinted moisturizers can be buildable, most have a light to medium coverage. So anyone with extreme discoloration or dark spots might find a tinted moisturizer to be too light in coverage. With that said, this also applies to oily skin individuals. The dewy finish on most tints might make you appear oilier (unless you apply a matte setting powder). Normal to dry skin types will love tinted moisturizers though! 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer ($42.00) quotes:

Moisturizing formula colored from fruit and vegetable pigments for a flawless complexion. Organic white tea, acai oil, pomegranate oil, vitamins and antioxidants deliver necessary, skin beneficial nutrients for the most healthy skin.

BB Cream

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream SPF 25


What is it?

BB creams or Beauty Balms/Blemish Balms were first developed in Germany to find a single product that can moisturize, conceal, prime, treat and protect all in one go. However, when the product came to countries such as South Korea and Japan, BB creams exploded! The trend finally made its way to the US where it has become an essential skincare product.

Who is it for?

BB creams are for those are blessed with good skin who need to even out their skin tone and have sun protection. Because BB creams are slightly heavier than tinted moisturizers but lighter than foundation, it is a great product for those who want to look as natural as possible but still feel as if they aren’t completely naked!

With that said, normal to oily skin types can use BB creams with no problem!

Jane Iredale’s BB cream ($48.00)claims to minimizes pores and help disguise fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing and brightening the skin. This product is vegan and gluten-free.

CC Cream

Cover FX CC Cream Time Released Tinted Treatment SPF 30 


What is it?

Branching off BB creams, CC Creams or Color Correcting creams are meant to correct redness, dark spots, discolorations, and sallowness. PLUS! Doing the job of moisturizing, priming, treating and protecting the skin.

Who is it for?

Individuals who experience redness, discoloration, dark spots, acne scars, or any other skin issue might like to try a CC Cream. CC creams are still lighter than a foundation, but are a tad bit heavier than a BB cream (to conceal the problem areas more). Don’t worry! You will have the feeling of naturalism without feeling cakey. This is great for oily to combination skin types.

I always talk about COVER FX but their products are lovely and vegan! Their CC Cream ($45.00) does not contain gluten, mineral oil, fragrance, parabens or talc; the five most common ingredients that can cause inflammatory reactions in the skin. Their CC Cream also mentions:

Retinoid-like ingredients deliver antiaging benefits without irritation or sun sensitivity while pH reactive, time-release complex provides optimum anti-aging benefits that work on and below the surface of the skin to visibly lift, and firm and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This oil-free, licorice root extract infused formula helps clarify and brighten skin tone.

DD Cream

DermaDoctor DD Cream Defining BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30


What is it?

I honestly do not know about DD creams until a few weeks ago! I was starting to understand BB and CC creams until out of nowhere DD creams popped up. There are so new, there are few DD creams out there but the ones that are available should be worth the try. Marketed as Double-Duty or Diminish & Disguise creams, DD creams are next level in skincare.

Who is it for?

DD Creams are the heaviest on this list. Just like their cousins, BB & CC Creams, DD cream are meant to do-it-all in one product. However, the twist to DD creams is the target group: individuals who have mature skin. Hence diminish (wrinkles) & disguise (fine lines/age spots, sun damage). DermaDoctor’s DD cream Defining BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($38.00) has 15 benefits all in ONE PRODUCT. Some disadvantages to this DD cream are: it is not vegan and it comes only in one shade to match all skin tones. Cruelty-free. Paraben-Free.

I wonder when the next alphabet cream will be released!

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Color of the Year: Marsala Blush

I have been waiting to write this article because I am addicted to blushes! I have found 2 cream blushes and 5 powder blushes in the shade: Marsala.Marsala Blush

Budget to Splurge:

Vegan+ Cruelty-free Marsala Lips

Article #2 about this year’s color: Marsala! This time I found lipsticks to spice up your fall or winter look!

*= Vegan-Friendly

Marsala lips

Budget to Splurge:

Foundation 101

We all have been there. Walking down the makeup aisle, choosing  a foundation “that looks right” and taking it home; only to find out it’s wrong color, finish, or formula. For women of color it is especially hard to find the right foundation. I grew up with an older sister who resorted to mixing TWO different foundations to create the one she wanted and needed.

So I have created a guide to help those who are looking for the right foundation.

Step 1: Before anything else, determine what kind of skin do you have. Are you oily? Dry? Maybe you are a combination of both, like myself. Or maybe you have a special skin condition that would classify you as having sensitive skin. Either way, be honest with yourself! THIS WILL HELP YOU IN THE LONG RUN! This test by Renee Rouleau, an esthetician who caters to the celebrities, will help you find out which skin type you are: HERE.

Step 2: Find out your skin tone. This is a little hard to explain, but it’s basically the color of skin. Some of the popular labelling for the skin tones go lightest to darkest.


  • Medium/Beige
  • Tan
  • Dark
  • Deep

Now some brands may differ on the skin tones AND your skin changes throughout the seasons and climates. For example, in the summer I am labelled as “medium dark” but in the winter I am “medium tan”. So I jump between the two different skin tones each season.
Step 3. Determine your undertone. Are you warm, cool, or neutral. Unlike skin tone, your undertone usually stays constant. YOUR SKIN TONE DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY DETERMINE YOUR UNDERTONE. The easiest way to find out is to check your veins (either on your waist).

  •  If you see mostly green, yellow, or olive-like color–you have WARM undertones.
  • If you see blue veins, you have COOL undertones.
  • If you see a mixture of both or have difficulty determining your colors, you are a NEUTRAL.


YUNANALYSIS made this chart to look for keywords used to describe your skin tone and undertone (I am usually described as caramel or walnut). You can also go into any Sephora Store. They have partnered up with Pantone to create a device that measures the darkness of your skin. They will then give you an idea where you are on the Pantone Skin Chart (i.e I am 2Y11 in winter, 2Y12 in summer)!

Step 4: Coverage. How much of your natural skin would you like to cover? Now, in my option, I prefer sheer to medium coverage. Whatever imperfections that are not covered with my foundation, a light concealer hides the rest.

  1. Sheer: barely there. Barely hides imperfections.
  2. Medium: some coverage. Covers some imperfections.
  3. Full: A lot of coverage. Covers all imperfections.

Step 5: Which formula would you prefer? As a guide line: powders work better for oily skin. Liquids and creams work better for dry skin.

  1. Cream: Plain Jane Beauty Creme Minerals foundation
  2. Liquid: Gabriel’s liquid foundation cosmetics.
  3. Loosed powder: Jane Iredale Amazing Base loose powder mineral powder.
  4. Pressed powder:  BECCA Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation
  5. Serum: Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation
  6. Stick: Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

Step 6: Lastly! Which finish would you like?

  • Natural: I would describe naturall finishes as the between of satin and matte. These finishes look great on everyone! An California-based company, Bodyography, produces Natural Finish Foundations for an affordable price.
  • Matte: No shine, soft look. Oily or combination skin types look great in this look to keep away oily skin. However, dry skin may want to stay away to avoid looking ashy or dull. TARTE’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 is made with Kaolin clay to help with oil throughout the day.
  • Radiant: Dewy (described as a “wet” look). Dry skin types love radiant finishes because it makes the skin look moisturized. But because it looks “wet”, oily skin should shy away from this finish–unless you apply a matte finishing powder. Vegan foundation, Veil Fluid Makeup Oil Free Broad Spectrum by Hourglass, provides sun protection and has a good range of shades.
  • Satin: In the middle of radiant and matte, satin looks great on everyone.   Urban Decay’s has a powder compact described to “add ultra definition” that is buildable and oil-free, that can be applied wet or dry.